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Pleased to say that, despite recent world events, the Kickstarter for The Junction has gone very well. At the half way point of the campaign, we have passed the 350% funding mark, meaning I will be able to print more copies of the book for Cons.

The Cons themselves are being badly affected by the same world events. My first confirmed Con, MACC-POW! has unfortunately and understandably been cancelled. I have been accepted to the May London ComicCon which has been moved to July, and also have a table at Thought Bubble in November. All dates and events subject to change!

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Another review for the Junction, this one courtesy of A Place To Hang Your Cape (

Some great pullquotes to read in this one:

'Heartbreaking and nostalgic, The Junction is a powerful thriller about loss and grief..."

"Norm Konyu could have not written a better piece of work for his debut as a graphic novelist."

read the full review here

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"This is a whole new level of storytelling..."

Heather of the Valkyries online fame has released an amazing review for THE JUNCTION!

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THE JUNCTION began Kickstarting on Wednesday evening (March 4th), and I'm pleased to say that it achieved its minimum target in 8 hours, thanks to all the generous backers. At the time of writing this blog on Friday morning, it has sailed on to 220% ! Thank you to all my backers so far, and I hope to attract more over the course of the campaign. The more backers, the more books I can print for upcoming Cons!!


I'll say thank you just one more time, just in case you missed it.


Kickstarter link:


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I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the fine folks at Pipedream Comics about The Junction. You can read the interview here

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